Animal Welfare

From local animal shelters to habitat conservation efforts, we are committed to supporting animal welfare initiatives of all types and scales.

Adam loved animals of all kinds, but none more than his beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Bebe. A friend and constant companion in Adam’s final years, Bebe inspired in Adam a deep empathy for other animals and dogs – he saw Bebe in all of them.


The unconditional love of a pet can have positive mental and physical health benefits beyond companionship.

We support local shelters’ efforts to protect, care for and ultimately find forever homes for animals while recognizing the unique needs of specialty and disabled pet care, financial assistance for owners with low-incomes, and education and medical research. 

Programs meant to promote understanding and appreciation of our country’s natural resources and ecosystems, while teaching how to protect them for the future.

We support zoos & aquariums, animal education outreach, and habitat conservation efforts that ensure future generations can enjoy our natural world.

Service animals help enable substantial improvements in humans with both physical and mental health conditions.

We support the needs of service dogs, working animals, retirement sanctuaries, farm animals, and highly trained animals for assisted therapies.

Grant Totals by Focus Area

Animal Welfare Support in 2023


Adam R. Scripps' enduring spirit is celebrated through his foundation, supporting causes he cherished.

Quiet generosity. Boundless compassion.

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