Adam’s Automotive

Adam’s passions in life continue to inspire how and where we invest to make a difference.

Adam’s love of cars inspired an Advisory Board member to ask how we could activate that passion while serving community members in need. Rather than create our own program, we quickly found ChangingGears, an existing nonprofit organization with the key elements in place for a scalable, proven program to benefit families struggling with transportation barriers.

ChangingGears recognized a simple truth: opportunity doesn’t count unless you’re able to show up to take it. That’s why car ownership can be exceptionally empowering, and why ChangingGears was built to meet the transportation needs of clients with low incomes. By making private transportation affordable, they are helping ensure the opportunity to thrive is open to as many people as possible.

Here’s how ChangingGears helps:

  • The Purchase Program: Competitively priced purchase options for individuals with some money saved to put toward the purchase of a pre-owned car refurbished by the program.
  • The Bridge Program: For recently hired clients in need of a car to get to a new job. Cars purchased by the program can be financed by clients with no upfront costs and manageable, in-house payment plans.
  • The Repair Program: Clients benefit from 50% off repairs and regular maintenance, including oil changes and a free bumper-to-bumper vehicle assessment.
  • Automotive Technician Training: For clients who want to start careers as automotive technicians.

What began as a concept – to translate Adam’s love of cars and engines into a program to benefit others – manifested as financial support for a trusted partner with big dreams and a clear vision.

"You can’t keep your job without a car and you can’t buy a car without a job."

Lack of transportation is a key factor in preventing people from accessing higher-wage jobs.