Community Grant & Loan Program

Raised in rural Texas, Adam saw firsthand the challenges small towns face related to demographic changes, workforce development, capital access, infrastructure, health, land use and environment and community preservation. As he got older, he often felt compelled to help - even in small ways - when he saw a neighbor struggling. Inspired by his generosity and leaning into innovation, we built a Community Grant & Loan Program to be the catalyst for investable initiatives while working to leverage additional public and private capital.

We are getting further, faster thanks to partnering with leaders in the Program Related Investment (PRI) arena. PRIs are powerful and versatile tools in the philanthropic toolkit, making capital available to any kind of organization advancing any charitable purpose via various financial structures. Financial returns can be repurposed for new charitable objectives, multiplying the impact. The focus through this program revolves around the types of communities Adam called home with a focus on specific economic barriers.

(1) Community Development Grant: Focused on semi-permanent or permanent community assets including infrastructure, public works, green space, revitalization, and other real assets essential for businesses to thrive in a community. Generally, these funds will not be used exclusively for beautification.

(2) Community Development Loan: Focused on essential services and the greatest needs in individual communities to encourage small business start-ups. Priorities include essential and ongoing services with significant but reasonable barriers to entry such as childcare services, healthcare access, or personal services like funeral services, laundromats, or barber shops.

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