An entirely different way to make a positive difference.

Adam Scripps lived a life of humble generosity, helping to improve the lives of others without seeking recognition or fanfare for himself. The family-run Adam R. Scripps Foundation, established posthumously in 2023, allocates millions annually to his cherished causes like animal welfare and community development, with grants overseen by his relatives to honor his legacy.

Inspired by Adam’s love of animals, the Foundation is committed to promoting animal welfare through a variety of programs. 

From habitat conservation and education to care facilities and therapy programs, our focus on animal welfare will benefit animals of all kinds.

We are committed to the power of lifelong learning, and support education through all life stages, both in and outside the classroom. 

In addition to essential academic needs such as scholarships, we’ll support a variety of learning initiatives including early childhood education, literacy programs, summer camps, test prep and college-preparedness.

Health is a key factor in overall quality of life and strength of community, and is a key initiative in reflecting our value of compassion.

Recognizing that health and welfare is affected by a wide range  of factors, the foundation supports the full spectrum of health-care, mental-wellness and medical-research programs.

A genuine love of neighbor inspired Adam to help others, especially those around him in his local community.  

Driven by that same sense of responsibility for community, the foundation is intently focused on initiatives to support both civic infrastructure and the individuals within the community.

Having a sense of self-sufficiency is important to each individual and beneficial to his or her family, neighbors and community. 

We’re committed to a variety of initiatives to address employment, food insecurity, housing/homelessness, and human services.

Honoring Adam’s legacy, we make grants to collaborate, provide support and build resources that create opportunities and transformative pathways.

For generations to come, we will improve lives and transform communities because we are a leader in family philanthropy.

We value helping communities create lasting change. We do this through compassion, love of neighbor, humility, and generosity.

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Grants awarded
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We are demonstrably different.

Few organizations of our size remain family run, providing us the flexibility to be innovative in our search for solutions.

We have vast impact potential. The scale of Adam’s generosity, coupled with the dedication of the family leaders who run his foundation, means we have few guardrails on our ambitions. We have the resources and passion to be dramatically consequential for generations to come.

We believe in providing meaningful support to organizations that are aligned with our Vision and Mission. Not satisfied with the traditional way of grant-making, involving long-form application and cumbersome procedures, our family leaders believe in streamlining the grant process,  awarding transformational gifts, and lean toward general operations grant making. The ultimate goal is to unleash nonprofits to leverage unrestricted funding, as they see fit, to address urgent and emerging issues.